I’ve worked in IT my whole career, so far, and always been interested in things like automation, scripting, improvements, and similar. I previously had a hobby making websites but I haven’t done that for a long-time. I decided to start this blog to record my journey with making websites again (starting with this one 😁), setting up a home lab, and probably a “bit” of scripting 😉

Although I’ve mostly coded in PowerShell, I’ve also dabbled with bash, Python, PHP, VBS and batch (albeit I haven’t touched the last two since 2016). My view is that the most suitable language, OS, software, etc, for the purpose should be used. However, I do often find in my job that it’s PowerShell as it often allows me to easily interact with a wide range of technologies and operating systems.

Hopefully some of what I post here is useful. Probably I’ll make a lot of mistakes and learn from them; I hope you do too.